Hangers Way

Queen Elizabeth Country Park to Alton. 21 miles

Staunton Way

Queen Elizabeth Country Park to Langston Harbour. 8.5 to 20.5 miles.

South Downs Way

Winchester to Eastbourne via Butser Hill. 100 miles

Shipwrights Way

Alice Holt to Portsmouth via Liphook, Liss and Petersfield. 50 miles

Alton Town

Guided walks around historic Alton

Liss Walks

A collection of walks around Liss

Edward Thomas

Literary walk around Steep and Ashford Hangers. 3.5 miles. 2hrs 30mins

Flora Thompson

Literary walk, Weavers Down and Holly Hills. Liphook. 6.0 miles. 3hrs 30 mins

W.H. Hudson

Literary walk around Buriton. 2.5 miles. 1 hr 30 mins

Jane Austen

Literary walk from Chawton to Farringdon. 4.5 miles 2hrs 45 mins

Gilbert White

Literary walk around Selbourne. 6.0 miles. 4hrs

William Cobbett

Literary walk around Hawkley. 6.0 miles. 4hrs

Stansted Forest

Walks from Rowlands Castle Station

Liphook and Milland

Walks from Liphook Station


Helping make the countryside more accessible

Information Centres

Information on Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

UK Walking

Discussion on issues relating to walking and hiking in the UK

Local Town and Village Sites

Links to local village and towns websites

Emsworth Walks

FREE walk itineraries, with both directions and a bit of local history and insight.

Monarch's Way

The Monarch's Way is a 625 miles long distance footpath

10 Adventures

Walks in the South Downs